It seems as though I was released things constantly in the tail-end of 2018. So far in 2019, I got nothing. I have nothing to show thus far. January is almost over and I got nothing.
Really though, I've been hard at work behind the scenes. I have a couple of musical projects in the works as well as a couple cinematic pieces. I'm pretty damn excited about the things I'm working on. But, honestly, I'm usually excited about all the projects I work on.
As always you can check out all Special Kitty moving pictures here, buy and stream albums here , or visit my site here.
Till next time stay strange. Do it.
Welcome to 2019!
This year will contain two releases that I'm sure of. One will be the 9 Meals til Anarchy album.
The second will be the second installment of Music From: Have Chef We'll Travel. As the year goes on I'm sure I'll release things that are not planned at this moment. Apparently, that's how I roll.
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One last piece of business before I go........
The new video for"Fresh to Death" an be viewed here. This is the eleventh track from the Music From: Have Chef We'll Travel album.
I figured now would be a good time for a reminder:
The latest episode of Have Chef We'll Travel can be viewed here. While there you can subscribe, like, and share their channel.
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Disembodied Voices (videos from omicron) has dropped and it can be viewed here.
This doc serves as a video companion for the "more info" tab on web site.
Also, one song is available on the Music From: Have Chef We'll Travel album. The song is "Observe, Record, Annoy" , it's the 2nd track from the album and can be purchased here.
The 2 other songs that are featured on the doc., "The Phrase Walkman" and "Smooth Lie Butter" have videos and they can be watched here and here.
A few days ago (12/2/2018), I released an album titled, Music From: Have Chef We'll Travel. It's a collection of songs I have written for the Have Chef We'll Travel. I've re-worked the snippets into more traditional song lengths.
Along with the album I've also created a video for Disappointment Pancakes, the fifth track from the aforementioned album. I've also created a video to go along to The Phrase Walkman. This track currently is not available on any album. 

Today, not only did the single, Black Colorful Rainbows, from The Crow Eats the Liar (click here) drop. But, the visual aid also dropped (see above or click here).
In a previous post I mentioned working on a documentary. As far as the subject and title I left it pretty vague. I really don't like mentioning a project I'm involved with unless I'm fairly sure it will ever see the light of day. I get a lot of crazy ideas from time to time. Sometimes I release them, sometimes I don't. Still sometimes I follow through with said crazy idea and I burn it to disc and forget about it.
This doc is shaping up to not go that way. The working title for it is: Disembodied Voices (videos from omicron). It will serve as a companion piece to this blog. But instead of notes it will be videos (see what I did there). It won't be a feature length doc; but hopefully it will serve it's purpose as a video account of the world I have tried to create for myself.
Along with that I'…
I suppose, I enjoy taking on as many projects as possible. Along with working on a new project, 9 Meals Till Anarchy, I'm also working on an album of songs made for the YouTube show Have Chef We'll Travel, and also making a short documentary.
It seemed like a good idea to re-work the songs I've been making for the HCWT crew and arrange them in album form. I really don't want to comment on the musical direction of 9 Meals Till Anarchy or comment on the subject matter of the doc I'm making.
Till next time, stay weird.