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Well, last night, I started the process of recording. For days..... even weeks.....I've been writing/jamming on ideas. I still won't speak to the direction for this project. I can definitely say for certain that there is not going to be a Zeppelin cover. I'm very aware between the bow and the Les Paul it looks that way.    Till the next should watch the " visual aid " for the new album The Cycle of 33 by  怨霊  (onryo).
Since this won't show on till the  怨霊  (Onryo) page is live. I'll make this brief and not get too ahead of myself. September 10th will see the release of the album The Cycle of 33 . I've made a "visual aid"  for the entire album. That is a definite MUST watch. On to the future........ Within the next few days, I'll begin work (writing and recording) on my next project. It will be named 9 Meals Till Anarchy. I have several ideas of the direction musically I want to go with this project. Alas, I feel it is too soon to make any predictions.....