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I suppose, I enjoy taking on as many projects as possible. Along with working on a new project, 9 Meals Till Anarchy, I'm also working on an album of songs made for the YouTube show Have Chef We'll Travel , and also making a short documentary. It seemed like a good idea to re-work the songs I've been making for the HCWT crew and arrange them in album form. I really don't want to comment on the musical direction of 9 Meals Till Anarchy or comment on the subject matter of the doc I'm making. Till next time, stay weird.
Well, it seems the Facebook police caught me peddling smut. The video for "Obscenity Leads to Depravity" contains nudity. Nothing is shown that can't be seen on any of the many cable channels. But, in an attempt to clean up the interwebs they removed said video. So, the naughty video can only be seen here  or here .