Today, not only did the single, Black Colorful Rainbows, from The Crow Eats the Liar (click here) drop. But, the visual aid also dropped (see above or click here).
In a previous post I mentioned working on a documentary. As far as the subject and title I left it pretty vague. I really don't like mentioning a project I'm involved with unless I'm fairly sure it will ever see the light of day. I get a lot of crazy ideas from time to time. Sometimes I release them, sometimes I don't. Still sometimes I follow through with said crazy idea and I burn it to disc and forget about it.
This doc is shaping up to not go that way. The working title for it is: Disembodied Voices (videos from omicron). It will serve as a companion piece to this blog. But instead of notes it will be videos (see what I did there). It won't be a feature length doc; but hopefully it will serve it's purpose as a video account of the world I have tried to create for myself.
Along with that I'm also working on an album from Friend Fiction and 9 Meals till Anarchy. I'm fairly certain I mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to re-work some of the songs I have made for the Have Chef We'll Travel Youtube channel and make an album out of them. However I don't believe I mentioned the title of said album. It will be.....Friend Fiction Music From: Have Chef We'll Travel.
So, as usual lots of things going on over here.


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