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It seems as though I was released things constantly in the tail-end of 2018. So far in 2019, I got nothing. I have nothing to show thus far. January is almost over and I got nothing. Really though, I've been hard at work behind the scenes. I have a couple of musical projects in the works as well as a couple cinematic pieces. I'm pretty damn excited about the things I'm working on. But, honestly, I'm usually excited about all the projects I work on. As always you can check out all Special Kitty moving pictures here , buy and stream albums here  , or visit my site here . Till next time stay strange. Do it.
Welcome to 2019! This year will contain two releases that I'm sure of. One will be the 9 Meals til Anarchy album. The second will be the second installment of Music From: Have Chef We'll Travel.  As the year goes on I'm sure I'll release things that are not planned at this moment. Apparently, that's how I roll. Until next time you should check out the Special Kitty YouTube channel here . Or check out the latest episode of Have Chef We'll Travel here . After that you can click here  to pick up some mp3 albums and stickers to put on your neighbor's mailbox. One last piece of business before I go........ The new video for"Fresh to Death" an be viewed here . This is the eleventh track from the  Music From: Have Chef We'll Travel album.