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Another one down

After much thought I've decided to stream -line my web presence even more and pull out of Twitter. As with my decision to pull out of Instagram, it's a matter of the time it takes away from other things.

Volume II

I am happy to release the artwork for the forthcoming album (Volume II) by instrumental hip hop project John Parnell and the Hot Dog Truck Dream.
I haven't written one of these since January.......Fuck!

Anyway, lots of things going on here at omicron! I've been a busy boy.
I'm wrapping up a second John Parnell and the Hot Dog Truck Dream album. It's title is simply
Volume II. Which is funny, I named it before I realized J. Dilla named an album Volume 2.
Also, I'm wrapping up a second album for Friend Fiction. It's title will be Music From: Have Chef We'll Travel (Volume II). If your not familiar.....Friend Fiction is the moniker I use when making music for the Youtube show Have Chef We'll Travel. You can watch the latest show here.
Also, on the docket, is the first album from 9 Meals till Anarchy. The title will be 5th Circle.
I want to add a few more songs before I call it a day on that one. There are definitely two other projects rolling around in my head. But, I'm not ready to announce them as of yet.
I have pulled out of Instagram. As it concerns OBS, Special Kitty, and/or omicron. It'…