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怨霊 (Onryo) Any Commercial Out There Tonight? The   track clocks in at almost fifteen minutes, not almost eighteen and a half. 

May 2019

This is going to be a quick one........ I'm still hard at work on the 9 Meals Till Anarchy album. I had the entire album done and while listening back to the entire thing front to back I thought "I can do better". So, I trashed it. The whole damn thing. So, I'm starting over. The next release will be a new album from 怨霊 (Onryo). Any Commercial Out There Tonight?, is the title of the album and also the title of the only track. The title is a slang phrase used by truck drivers to inquire if there are any lot lizards (prostitutes) working. The track clocks in at around eighteen and a half minutes and includes four different movements. The album/track is based on the supposed killing of prostitutes by long haul truckers. The second album from John Parnell and the Hot Dog Truck Dream is still available for free here . Of course the entire OBS catalog is available here . Watch OBS videos here .