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Last weeks of June

I've been rolling around an idea in my brain.... Streamlining my musical output to two things: (onryo)怨霊 and 9 Meals till Anarchy I would change the name of 9 Meals till Anarchy to Rev. Queen Daddy. It seems like this would simplify and balance things out musically. Lately I've been all about a simple and balanced life. From time to time I would release hip hop albums under the monikers of Friend Fiction and John Parnell and the Hot Dog Truck Dream. But, They would no longer be apart of my focus. My main musical focus would be on often dark, ambient, metal and punk inspired experimental music.

Important Announcement

After much thought, I've decided to make all OBS back catalog albums free. No longer will we have merch except for the Hand Built by Robots  physical album for $10.00. The download for this item will also remain at $7.00  For the next few days I will change everything to the new $0.00 price. Any merch left over will be given away. For the foreseeable future all releases will be digital and FREE. I appreciate your patience while we switch over. Stay Strange -The Rev

June 2019

This is gonna be similar to the entry from May but with a few differences.... The next OBS release (June 30th) will be a new album from 怨霊 (Onryo).  Any Commercial Out There Tonight?,  is the title of the album and also the title of the only track. The title is a slang phrase used by truck drivers to inquire if there are any lot lizards (prostitutes) working. The track clocks in at around fifteen and a half minutes and includes four different movements. The album/track is based on the supposed killing of prostitutes by long haul truckers. The second album from John Parnell and the Hot Dog Truck Dream is still available for free  here . Of course the entire OBS catalog is available  here . Watch OBS videos  here .