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Last weeks of June (part II)

I have made a few decisions concerning OBS, it's releases, and The last day in June will bring about some change. (Onryo)怨霊 will release it's second album, Any Commercial Out There Tonight? It will mark the 20th release from OBS. That same day we will launch the re-vamped website. I will turn my focus to (Onryo)怨霊,  9 Meals till Anarchy, and Special Kitty Pictures; I will change the name of 9MTA to simply Rev. Queen Daddy. These changes will (hopefully) allow me to stream line my creative output. Juggling all the various projects along with my human journey was too much. So, I hope this change will help me achieve balance. Also, from now on all OBS releases (past catalog included) will be FREE. So, I think that's it. Till next time........stay weird.

July 2019

Visit our bandcamp page here . All albums are FREE . This is not a gimmick, there is no end date. They all are FREE and will be the policy from now on. Watch and like us on our YouTube channel . Visit the website here . Other than the over haul of the website ( and the move to free albums essentially making OBS a net label, nothing is going on. stay weird