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Still Spring Cleaning

As of today (4/14/2020) I have done away with the OBS bandcamp page. I am slowly changing it over to a site for Reverend Queen Daddy. Along with this change I have deleted the Facebook pages for OBS and 061180. The time seemed right and the actions seemed fitting; since I am concentrating solely on RQD business.

Spring Clean

So, I've done some spring cleaning. I've done away with my youtube channel (OBS/special kitty) . I'm gonna still make moving pictures,  but, I will no longer do it under that moniker (special kitty). I started a new channel on youtube under the name of Reverend Queen Daddy. Again, this is me streamlining things. I also deleted the page for it on

Strange Tales!

I think in a previous post I stated that I would only focus on two projects. Actually, I've ended up combining the two into one band/project, Reverend Queen Daddy. Over the last several months I have been writing and recording what will be my debut album, Strange Tales. I have vocals to record and post production things to attend to. I'm looking for an early summer release. But, plans change. I have re-vamped my website......... You can check it out here . Till next time.......stay weird

New year, same ole shit

If you've visited here recently, you probably have noticed it's gone through a few changes. Also, you might have noticed PJs 4 DJs is no longer available here . You can't watch the video (visual aide) here either. When all downloads are free, it doesn't make any sense (at least to me) to charge money for anything. I removed the video from my YouTube page and from my web page for the simple reason.......... if you are gonna remove here, it might as well not be there or here. If for some reason you still want the can always email me and I'll send it to ya (for free).